Twisted walnut baguettes with rosemary

I haven’t been baking in a while, so last weekend it was time to use up some of that spelt flour that has been sitting for way too long in the cupboard. I have an obsession at Whole Foods. It’s their luscious walnut rolls that I can never get enough of. My colleague Miss C is also a fan. We fondly talk about walnut rolls over lunch, when in fact, what we have in our hands are just tuna wraps. Anyway, I digress.

Walnut baguette

I wanted to find a similar recipe to Whole Food’s walnut rolls. Since I still don’t own a scale I can’t use English recipes yet. I know, I’m lazy, ok? So I turned to this grand Swedish food site for some foolproof recipes.

I found the twisted walnut baguettes with rosemary and thought it looked easy and tasty. Two very important components in a recipe. When you wake up at 10am on a Saturday morning, you don’t really want to make laborious bread. You want to eat it as soon as possible!

Walnut bread with rosemary

And these little ones were very easy to make, indeed. You only had to proof them for an hour; shape them; and then bake them. The Italian gave me two thumbs up and prompted me to make them on Sunday too. His only remark was that they tasted too much of rosemary, which I didn’t agree with. They could also have been left a bit longer in the oven to develop a nice crust. If you’re not too keen on rosemary I guess you can easily replace it with thyme or something similar. With fillings such as mortadella, mozzarella and tomatoes, we had a stellar Sunday dinner.

Nutella muffins

I also found time to make something sweet: Nutella muffins. Again, the recipe is from an inspirational Swedish food blog, Linneas Skafferi. Linnea’s goodies remind me of my childhood and especially Fridays at nursery when we had ‘Cosy Fridays’ and were allowed to make sweet treats.

Muffins with nutella

The Nutella muffins would definitely have been a winner amongst us gluttonous kids. Although, I can’t actually remember ever eating Nutella as a child. The Italian can definitely remember eating Nutella and he still does, as the bonafide man child he is, so he loved the muffins. So did his Italian friend and fiancee. The muffins will be added to my domestic goddess repertoire, there’s nothing better than to feed friends and family! The muffins lacked the Nutella frosting from the original recipe, but they’re just as good without. Promise.



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