Midsummer’s Eve in Hyde Park

We’d been planning since Easter, Miss E and I. Amending the menu, adding a dish here a dish there, contemplating what drinks to bring. And then finally the big day came: Midsummer. This tradition won’t make sense if you’re not Scandinavian. No other nationality lust after the light as much as we do. No one takes so much pride in dancing around a May pole, singing songs and drinking snaps. No one understands how awful it feels when your pessimist friend says “That’s it, it will only get darker now”.

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An edible Chanel sausage

I spotted this in Trendland’s newsletter the other day and loved it. ‘The Fabulous Food’ series by Swedish Linus Morales is quite excellent. A great fusion of fashion and food, I feel particularly inspired by the Swedish red sausage (falukorv). Although I don’t actually eat this pork ring (sometimes school canteen memories can’t be erased) I do like its pert shape and strong colour. How Coco would’ve reacted is a different story though. 

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