Childhood nostalgia

Trendland sends out “a dose of inspiration” everyday and I can’t say I’m always riveted by the news they present. However today they highlighted Klara G’s photography and it brought back a whole bag of memories. Childhood memories. Swedes of my generation were usually only allowed to eat sweets on Saturdays when they were young. We went to the supermarket, chose our bag of glucose and ate like there was no tomorrow.

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Baring your bum

“Look how hot it is, I’m just going to bare my bum for a second.” This controversial Italian ad by new fashion label Silvian Heach (that looks to rival Zara if it makes it to Old Blighty), made me think about my own bum. Especially after over-eating at Pizzeria Portobello.

Sometimes you’re enthusiastic about how much you can eat and also enthusiastic about the menu. This combination usually doesn’t bode well. Last night I had dinner for two – and as I’m not pregnant I’m not sure if it’s justifiable. Continue reading

No need to go hungry after Hunan

I finished my meal and I was full. Not just 80% I-can-eat-a-crème-caramel-if-I have-to full, but more I-gained-a-jeans-size full.

Hunan is a Chinese restaurant on Pimlico Road and if you’re not familiar with that part of town I suggest you acquaint yourself with it now. Daylesford Organic, The Orange, Pimlico 101 and Tinello live and thrive on this street, so it’s a real food destination. Continue reading

Back on the bread wagon

Another Monday, another day to bake crispbread. I was once again at Virtuous Bread HQ and brought my slumbering domestic goddess to life. I’ve tried to make crispbread before with very disappointing results, but this recipe proved to be a success. While I didn’t prepare the dough (the dough needs to rest overnight) I happily rolled out the round crispbread with a rolling pin, and thereafter a poky rolling pin – this is to prevent the bread from puffing up like a balloon in the oven.

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Bringing you Bill’s

Whatever happened to tourist-central Covent Garden? The where-can-I-go-to-get-a-decent-meal good ol’ CG? With Hawksmoor, Dishoom and Les Deux Salons as fairly new additions to the piazza scene, it can no longer be dubbed a food wasteland.

The other day I was walking down Monmouth Street and had to halt (yes, this is what I did). There was a new courtyard open next to the very empty-looking Cantina Laredo. With an explorer’s mind I walked in and discovered – Bill’s. I couldn’t resist going in and have a peek. Continue reading