Homemade granola

Let’s talk geekiness. It’s geeky to take photos of your food before digging in. It’s even geekier to take 50 photos of your food with your DSLR before digging in. Yet, this is what I occasionally do. The prettiness, the colours, the tastiness mustn’t go amiss. Yet I wonder, what will I think of the photos I take today, say, in 40 years time?

Homemade granola

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Twisted walnut baguettes with rosemary

I haven’t been baking in a while, so last weekend it was time to use up some of that spelt flour that has been sitting for way too long in the cupboard. I have an obsession at Whole Foods. It’s their luscious walnut rolls that I can never get enough of. My colleague Miss C is also a fan. We fondly talk about walnut rolls over lunch, when in fact, what we have in our hands are just tuna wraps. Anyway, I digress.

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