The alp top lunch

My best lunch experience this side of the year was in the Dolomites, in Alta Badia. I’d had a spectacularly rotten morning, as I got lost on the slopes and got separated from the rest of the group. The Italian had to come and get me and he was cross, “why hadn’t I seen him? Why did I go straight?”. We had an argument, we didn’t speak for a while and I had a pout on until I had to put my focused face on. I don’t ski that well.

Venison ragu

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Paris when it snows

The say it’s the most romantic city in the world, so imagine how picturesque it is when the snow falls in Paris. The Tuileries Garden all covered under a white blanket, the tip of the Eiffel Tower barely visible, the roof tops heavy with powder. It’s a dreamy postcard look. But also imagine how it is when your partner says he hates Paris before you board the Eurostar. Romantic trip? I think not.

Outside the Louvre

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The tanned legend

Aren’t you fascinated by people that have a perennial tan? How can their skin absorb so many rays when there are others that can lie flat for hours in the sun and just be adorned with three freckles? Valentino should certainly be the poster model for Fake Bake. Throughout his career, whether he’s stood next to Jackie O or Sophia Loren, he’s just a bronzed legend. Sun-kissed and talented, what a jackpot.


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