My grandma

3 years ago my grandma passed away. I still feel like she’ll appear at the train station whenever I go home. And for my birthday I expect her to call and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in broken English. My grandma was very special to me, she was the apple of my eye and I was hers.

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One word: meatballs

Clerkenwell is a lovely London area, I always find interesting restaurants popping up there – to please the trendy design crowds I suppose. Meatballs is such a restaurant. Its USP is easy, they serve meatballs with high quality meat supplied from local butchers.

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Looking back on 2011

I’ve joined the Apple family. I, who don’t have a TV and who haven’t downloaded music in six years is writing this on my iPad. My iPad, not the one I usually steal from the Italian. I feel down with technology.

So as I’m in a state of tech- euphoria I thought I’d also immerse myself in some nostalgia. Everyone seems to be writing their 2011 end of year chronicles, which made me think about my own experiences this past year. Continue reading