Faux flowers

V and her boyfriend are seriously into sugarcraft. Unlikely as it may sound. Apparently there’s an American TV show devoted to baking the most ridiculous cakes God would drop his jaw at, and V is quite a fan. So when V’s mum was planning her birthday bash, V wanted to make a killer cake, and she invited me to help out. My sugarcraft skills however are far from perfect.


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V is in town, my best friend and confidante. We walked along the river last night, minutes after she’d arrived on the train, and talked about all those things you need to get off your chest, but don’t want to talk about on Facebook. How do you like this sunset at 10 o’ clock?

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The soft sourdough sandwich

I have changed jobs, I no longer work in food PR, but have changed direction completely. I now work in the home improvement industry as a Communications & Content manager. At first I was quite hesitant, what do I know about refurbishing houses (answer: nothing whatsoever), and how fun can this field be (turns out: very). Now, I’m convinced I made the right decision. Especially since I have a lovely colleague with whom I have much in common; perms, shoes and lack of plumbing knowledge.

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Visiting north London for a (food) change

While the Italian was away in Vegas, participating in pool parties and playing poker (the latter I’m not really sure of), I re-visited London’s parks this weekend. Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill are perfect park life spots.

On Saturday, Miss E and I walked from Crouch End to the Heath and stopped in Highgate for water refill. Highgate is a very quaint village with impressive mansions scattered around the high street. Their bakery selection disappointed, but Melrose and Morgan in Hampstead, later made up for that.

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