Cheapskate porridge joys

I do like a good bargain. I’m a rather tight person and enjoy the feeling of finding reduced grocery items as it feels like I’ve tricked my local supermarket. The sense of victory when you find a pot of yoghurt with a longer expiry date than the rest is also great. Take that Tesco.

Understand my enthusiasm when I find my favourite porridge by Rude Health for £1.99 at Whole Foods. The Morning Glory mix is a nice blend of jumbo oats, rye, barley, quinoa flakes and pumpkin seeds without refined sugar or salt. Rude Health also make healthy muesli and cereals and have some wild thoughts on how to spruce up breakfast. See the above chocolate chilli porridge for inspiration.

And do check out this LEGO film. Porridgeman to the rescue.


The cannoli saves the day

January – media’s favourite month to dwell in diet misery. Whoever coined the phrase January Blues should be punished for creating bad vibes. Talk about bringing more misery to the people. My solution, forget your sorrows and have a cannoli. Never heard that expression before? I just made it up.

I came home from France last Monday night and well, maybe I suffered a bit from the January Blues. After all, it was raining and I could no longer see any mountains, just the stark lights from Stamford Bridge. To save the day (or rather late evening) I was treated to a crispy cannoli, straight from Princi in Soho. Apparently that’s where the Italians go to get their fix. So now you know – cannoli from Princi, happy tip of the day.

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A little Alpine story from Grenoble

Another weekend away saw me exploring Grenoble and the culinary delicacies of the Rhône-Alpes region.

It was also my birthday and I’m sadly now closer to 30 than 20. Since I’ve suffered from a yearly age crisis since I was 21 I always dread this day, but with a weekend of tough mountain climbing I proved that I don’t have to worry about turning into a lil’ ol’ lady just yet. However, I bought eye cream at the airport just in case. Continue reading

More of Moti Mahal, please

Why review a restaurant twice one might think when reading this post. She’s been before, the food was good, the service was consistent and the cocktails were killer, so why not  move on to another restaurant?

Firstly, restaurants change and suddenly what used to be your favourite haunt has become too loud, too pricey and too bland. Go for lunch and you’ll have a totally different experience than if you would have dinner. Bring your mother and you will focus on other things than if you brought your partner. That’s why it’s interesting to re-visit a place; will it live up to the earlier expectations?

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