One word: meatballs

Clerkenwell is a lovely London area, I always find interesting restaurants popping up there – to please the trendy design crowds I suppose. Meatballs is such a restaurant. Its USP is easy, they serve meatballs with high quality meat supplied from local butchers.

The venue itself is small and relaxed, with something similar of church benches serving as seats. The tables are narrow and a bit too far away, so you feel there’s a high risk that you’ll drop a meatball onto your lap. The design is very old school chic, I give them that, but my behind did not enjoy the benches. We had to move to perch on some bar stools instead. Much better.

I ordered lamb balls with yogurt, cucumber and dill sauce. Miss E went for the beef and ricotta and Miss C braved the sliders. Having spent a year in the States, it felt as if Miss C was the right person to judge the mini burgers, and she approved with two thumbs up. Miss E was less easy to please as she compared her Italian-style meatballs to Swedish ones, which of course is impossible. Swedes don’t serve meatballs in tomato sauce, they serve them with lingonberry jam, and they definitely wouldn’t brave the ricotta flavouring. Regardless of nationality, they tasted nice.

The lamb balls were just perfect if you ask me. Flavoursome, meaty and perfectly complemented by the tart yogurt.

The restaurant was quiet, with just a few diners, but I didn’t see that as a negative thing. If I lived in Clerkenwell (or anywhere near it), I would definitely make it my local. First of all, the prices are very fair and you can even afford to glance over the dessert menu (chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich, thank you). Secondly, the side dishes range from heavy (french fries) to light (honey and thyme roasted carrots). There’s also an option to eat the balls with spaghetti, served in various ways, pearl barley risotto or mash. Now that is a restaurant that caters for all tricky tastebuds.

If I reveal the price for 3 meatballs, I guarantee you will grab your coat and run to nearest tube that will take you to Farringdon. Ready? £4.45. Go!

I can’t take credit for these photos, they belong to Meatballs


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