Popcorn cupcakes

I’ve been told that Hummingbird Bakery makes London’s finest cupcakes. Now, I’m not a huge cupcake fan. I mean, yes, in theory I do like the buttercream frosting and the OTT colours, but I don’t actually fancy buying one. Today however, I had to.

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Il Convivio

Another review of mine that made it to The Arbuturian. Quelle website, you have to read the latest about London’s allegedly best pizzeria, Franco Manca. After 5 years and counting in London, I should really make my way to Chiswick soon.

This is about Il Convivio however.

Can a maître d’ really make or break a meal? After my visit to Il Convivio, I’m a firm believer that excellent service should be at the forefront of every restaurant’s agenda. Our jolly Italian maître d’ from Sardinia was so amiable, accommodating and passionate about his job and the restaurant, that we could have been dining on ready-meals from a supermarket and the meal would still have been enjoyable (luckily the food was all fresh and handmade, which of course was a bonus)

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Finnish bakery = Nordic Bakery?

On Saturday I uncovered a great, big secret. Nordic Bakery on Golden Square is not so much Nordic as it is Finnish. In other words, it’s an undercover Finnish bakery. How do I know? Well, I don’t really. But with Finnish cinnamon buns, salmiakki (Finnish liquorice) and pirogi (Karelian pie) at the forefront of the bakery’s selection, it seemed Suomi played a huge part in shaping the cafe’s identity. The space is also decorated in a conspicuous sauna style, with wood panels adorning the walls.

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