Cookies in a jar

It was two years ago to this day that I graduated from university. It’s my uni-versary. It’s also 2 years ago that the lovely Laura turned 23. Today, it’s her 25th birthday, and I’d like to dedicate this post to one of my closest and dearest friends.

I met Laura the first day of uni, while we were trying to find our way around the Richard Hoggart building. She wore pale shorts and boots – she looked trendy and I did not.

One day, Laura needed somewhere to live and I was in desperate need for someone to rent a room in my house. She came, she stayed and she conquered. My flatmate Em and I never regretted offering her our spare room – she subscribed to Vogue, which was, let’s face it, a big plus.

And so for our third and last year of uni, we rented a bigger, better and beautiful home, which we all miss to this day. Ironically, we lived better in our student days than we do now. We bonded over shoes, stationery, books and tea at Liberty. I bought my first pair of Miu Miu’s thanks to Laura, and she – well, she could always borrow my Muji pens.

After uni, Laura moved East and I moved West.

Although we don’t meet in the hallway anymore or sit wrapped in blankets in the kitchen because we can’t afford to turn the heating on, we still have good catch ups every so often. She’s the girl to go to for denim advice, boyfriend advice and literature advice. And she’s rock solid when it comes to wanting to explore London. Especially its cultural side, which not many of my other friends appreciate.

So, for her birthday I wanted to give her something unexpected, something I’d made. So I found the recipe for cookies in a jar. I thought it was a great giveaway, and it worked well with the other gifts I got for her too. All, of course centred around food and stationery.

This is how it works: Mix the dry ingredients for the cookies in a pretty jar. Layer flour, oats, muscovado sugar, Smarties, raisins and chopped walnuts (plus baking soda and vanilla sugar) and voila, that’s the present. The recipient just has to add butter and an egg, whip it all together and bake the lovelies.

I hope it works.

So happy birthday L, invite me over for the cookies, will you?


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