More Stockholm highlights

Stockholm is a beautiful city to walk around in. The Italian even admitted that it would be a perfect city if the weather was slightly warmer. A lot warmer.

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Oh! What a brunch

In the midst of all my holiday memories from Sweden I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t shared my best brunch moment of the year. In fact, I’ve been a bit slow in general sharing the good food life I had in Moscow. I was meant to make lists and everything, and you should know how much I enjoy making lists.

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There’s no place like home

When I arrive back home to K-town I demand two things: sunshine and food. The latter is very easy to dig out, the former seems to be quite a challenge. For 3 years in a row I’ve been unlucky with the weather and seeing as spring has been a complete disaster in London, I needed some sun rays this time. My poor mum really has to put up with a lot when the sun diva arrives.

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