Entrepreneurship in the countryside

I refuse to accept that I’m no longer on holiday. I’m therefore immersing myself in vacay memories from Sweden. Every time I go back home I pay a visit to my grandma’s colleague Mrs L and her family. My grandma owned a womenswear boutique and Mrs L was her loyal employee.

A perk to go and visit her is that not only does she laugh every 5 minutes, she also bakes gorgeous cakes and cookies. When you think the cookie feast is over, she always brings out the cake and you’re not sure how you can possibly eat more. But of course you do. The human body works in mysterious ways.

Mrs L reminds me of grandma and I can almost hear my grandma participating in the conversation we have. It’s a wonderful way of reliving good days passed. Mrs L’s house hasn’t been refurbished since the 60s, so it’s a time capsule of floral wallpapers, brown and yellow colours. It’s a real mood lifter going there.

As we left her house this time, my mum suggested we’d go and explore a recently opened shop in the middle of the countryside. It was just a short drive away. Of course, my mum being overly confident behind the steering wheel, got lost and it took a good 30 minutes before we pulled up in front of a barn. This was where the anticipated food market was hiding.

These things really amaze me. How does anyone dare to open up a small food shop in the middle of nowhere? It’s not like it’s next to the highway, or in anyone’s way for that matter. I love that people are so gutsy and believe in their enterprises. The products were lined up so you wanted to touch, smell and taste everything. Believe me when I say I tried most samples offered to me.

The shop is very niche. It specialises in raw food, organic and superfood products, I can report that coconut water has now made its way to the Swedish rural market, as has Hawaiian black lava salt. And the word ‘granola’. I’m amazed all of this has appeared, there’s is quite a healthy food revolution going on in Sweden at the moment. in Gothenburg, they seemed to be completely caught up in the Low Calorie – High Fat craze, it was mentioned on plenty of menus.

Incidentally I read in the Telegraph today about the world’s fattest countries. Micronesia scored position number 1 and Bangladesh number 177. Unsurprisingly, America was in the top 3. Sweden, on the other hand, held the 60th position, being slimmer than the Italians, but heavier than the Norwegians. Apparently, we enjoy an average weight of 69,07kg (152,26lb).

I’m hoping that by opening up shops like the one above in every nook and cranny of the country, no one can say that they don’t have access to quality food. However, I’ll vow to take one sip of that coconut water, and two bites of Mrs L’s cookies, everything should taken in moderation.


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