A long wait for lobster

Would you wait for 1h 45min for dinner? I used to consider myself a sane person who wouldn’t stupidly hang about a bar waiting for a table until 21.30 at night. Now, I definitely fall into that category after my second visit to Burger and Lobster.

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Beautiful blood oranges

If you pay a visit to Whole Foods right now (or at least a week ago), you’re met by a wonderful table of blood oranges as you enter the fruit and veg hall. These sweet, and in my opinion, superior oranges have a very short season, but I’ve managed to go twice and indulge. First time, I ended up with these beauties, and second time I lucked out and got the Miss Universe of blood oranges – they really looked like they were filled with blood. However unappetising that may sound.

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A piece of cake

I wonder why I always feel like I’ve had a productive weekend when I go and visit a gallery. This past weekend I spent 2 hours at the Saatchi Gallery and I woke up this Monday morning and felt like I had performed miracles.

There’s something about being a culture vulture that is very fulfilling.

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