The way we were

Rose honoured us with a visit this weekend and we had a grand old time, just like we used to when she lived in London. Now she’s moved to bigger and better things in New York, where she leads a healthy vegan life.

But it only took her 12 hours in London to ingest a crayfish sandwich, such is the power of the Harrods Food Hall. The power of Daphne’s was also mighty, where some scallops and Dorset crab snuck through the vegan barrier.

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The bakery

I don’t think it’s any secret that I dream of owning my own bakery one day. Miss E is my biggest supporter and gave me a baking cookbook for Christmas and a cake stand for my birthday. With such encouragement I need to get cracking.

It’s one thing dreaming, another making it reality. That’s the scary bit.

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