The bakery

I don’t think it’s any secret that I dream of owning my own bakery one day. Miss E is my biggest supporter and gave me a baking cookbook for Christmas and a cake stand for my birthday. With such encouragement I need to get cracking.

It’s one thing dreaming, another making it reality. That’s the scary bit.

Chocolate chip cookies

As both Miss E and I are suffering from an early 30-year birthday crisis, I have decided I should make the most of my future career wishes. I started, highly motivated on Sunday.

I had grand plans; I was going to make focaccia, chocolate chip cookies and possibly granola. In the end, and is often the case when you think (too) big, I only ended up with a batch of cookies.

Check out that cake stand

The Lovely Laura and Miss E tried them and approved. I also brought them to work and although I didn’t actually get much feedback they disappeared faster than you can say high cholesterol.

As these cookies turned out so well, I’m very motivated to continue expanding my baking repertoire. As the Italian is on a non-gluten no-sugar diet, I ponder upon making healthy treats for this weekend.

Stacks of chocolate chip cookies

So, the bakery dream is currently not crushed, although the venue I had in mind has already been taken. Which is a blessing really, because how on earth would I go about running a bakery? I suppose that’s the real challenge when I do hit the big 30.

Thank goodness I have some years left. Although if you ask me about the bakery’s name, I already have that sorted… Any investors out there?


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