A broken heart but not mine

There’s currently a travelling exhibition in Covent Garden called The Museum of Broken Relationships, and it’s by far the most engaging exhibition I’ve ever been to (if you don’t count the Dalí museum in Figueres).

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Remembering the Swedish summer: Nora

I’m all alone. Everyone has abandoned me this bank holiday weekend. The Italian went off to Italy, Miss E is living the good life in the south of France, Eli sped up to the Lake District in an R8 and there are countless others who are now enjoying life outside London.

Actually, it’s not that bad. The sun’s shining and I’m meeting the Lovely Laura later today. Since I wasn’t clever enough to book a holiday for this 3-day weekend, I’ll have to reminisce the holiday I already had this year in Sweden.

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One fine day in Cardiff

I might’ve said I would be staying put for the next foreseeable future and don’t head off to a galaxy far, far away. This promise doesn’t include Cardiff. As part of a business trip, I went away for the day with my colleage Lotte to interview a tradesman and a homeowner. Such is the nature of my job, I’m in the home improvement industry and I want to know everything that’s happening within this world. At least during office hours.

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A whole lot of markets

The best thing about living in London after 5 years is that I still haven’t explored every nook and cranny of the city. As it was Sunday, Miss E wanted to do something active, and while I was more than happy to just stay put in bed I agreed to meet her at Bethnal Green Station.

Bethnal Green is way out east, so to me, this was a major sacrifice of a Sunday as I had sit on the tube line I loathe the most – Central “I’m so hot I’m like the Sahara” Line.

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