A whole lot of markets

The best thing about living in London after 5 years is that I still haven’t explored every nook and cranny of the city. As it was Sunday, Miss E wanted to do something active, and while I was more than happy to just stay put in bed I agreed to meet her at Bethnal Green Station.

Bethnal Green is way out east, so to me, this was a major sacrifice of a Sunday as I had sit on the tube line I loathe the most – Central “I’m so hot I’m like the Sahara” Line.

But the weather was sunny and the food stalls at Broadway Market were calling us. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done my research and as Miss E and I arrived to the market area, it was empty. Well, it’s a street, so it’s not completely empty, but I didn’t see any mountains of bread, piles of tortilla and jars of juice, which I had imagined at first. FYI, Broadway Market, my dear readers, is closed on a Sunday.

That didn’t stop us from sitting down at L’eau a la Bouche, a delicatessen-cum-cafe that I fell madly in love with as we stepped inside. There was rye bread to my left and pastries to my right. We sat down for a generous piece of sandwich, Eva went for the goat cheese with fig chutney on toasted rye bread and I, for the mortadella mozzarella mix with fresh tomatoes and pesto.

I believe the cafe was a secret meet-up place for Scandinavians. Everywhere we turned our heads we heard and saw Swedes. Someone could conduct a Scandi-spotting tour and would be very successful watching species in the East.

After lunch we went straight for Columbia Road Flower Market, which is lovely but loud and crowded. Miss E couldn’t be bothered picking up an orchid and I don’t own any pots so we breezed past quickly and headed for Spitalfields Market instead. Although we had devoured two big sandwiches, we didn’t seem to have enough energy to face the creative stalls. The day ended outside Zara on Sloane Square at the very commercial Fratelli cafe. How ironic.


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