Remembering the Swedish summer: Nora

I’m all alone. Everyone has abandoned me this bank holiday weekend. The Italian went off to Italy, Miss E is living the good life in the south of France, Eli sped up to the Lake District in an R8 and there are countless others who are now enjoying life outside London.

Actually, it’s not that bad. The sun’s shining and I’m meeting the Lovely Laura later today. Since I wasn’t clever enough to book a holiday for this 3-day weekend, I’ll have to reminisce the holiday I already had this year in Sweden.

One day my grandpa, my mother and myself got in the car and drove to Nora, one of Sweden’s best preserved wooden towns.

Here’s what we found:

In Nora they’re famous for their ice cream. Grandpa and I tried a sundae, which nearly knocked us over.

A closed for the holidays book bindery.

Who wouldn’t want to buy shoes in here? Old fashioned signs rule.

There was no staff in this second hand shop. If you wanted something, you had to go to the town square, five minutes away, and pay for it.

“This store is monitored by your conscience”. In Nora they don’t need CCTV.

Yes please! Lingonberry jams, blueberry squash, homemade fudge and cloudberry marmalade on display.

A yellow wooden house in the middle of Nora. One of many pretty wooden houses. They remind me of the mews houses in London, which I more than happily would live in.

Looking at these photos I’m already looking forward to my Swedish holiday next year. Now, I’m off to explore London, and that ain’t too bad either.


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