One fine day in Cardiff

I might’ve said I would be staying put for the next foreseeable future and don’t head off to a galaxy far, far away. This promise doesn’t include Cardiff. As part of a business trip, I went away for the day with my colleage Lotte to interview a tradesman and a homeowner. Such is the nature of my job, I’m in the home improvement industry and I want to know everything that’s happening within this world. At least during office hours.

After the interview, which didn’t take place in Cardiff but in Tongwynlais (middle of a beautiful nowhere), Lotte and I explored Cardiff.

The only thing I knew about Cardiff before I went on this trip, was that it’s in Wales. That’s not exactly skills that will win you a pub quiz. Now I know it’s got a castle, is somewhat of shopping Mecca (if you like the high street) and people are incredibly friendly.

Fact #1 that they’re friendly in Cardiff:

A man stopped his car so we could cross the street although it was red light.

Fact #2 that they’re friendly in Cardiff:

The train staff were incredibly relaxed and didn’t tell us too f*** off when we asked for help.

Fact #3 that they’re friendly in Cardiff:

Cyclists thank you as you step aside on the street, and they don’t run you over.

I was also quite surprised to find many boutiques and nice vintage shops.

The café scene seemed dire or maybe it was because we didn’t know where to look. The one café we found however (listed as The Independent’s top 50 cafés in England), closed before we had time to try their organic pie (and cakes). Pity.

We ended up in Jamie’s Italian before we took the train back to London. I’ve been pretty narrow-minded about this place in the past (celebrity chef cashing in on his bulging empire), but I must say it was far better than I ever expected. It’s definitely a good place to go if you don’t want to pay for anything fancy, but you still want the good taste.

Cardiff was a positive experience, and you can’t have too many of those.

All my photos from Cardiff disappeared from my camera so these, the horror! the horror! are stock photos. 


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