In celebration of fika

For two days Visit Sweden have been promoting the concept of fika in London town. They’ve set camp in Soho Square, invited master baker Jan Hedh for a ride and are serving Löfbergs Lila coffee for free.

I’m from the town of Löfbergs Lila is. On cold winter mornings you can smell freshly brewed coffee and whether you like it or not it covers the city in a coffee cloud for a short bit.

Soho Square smells nothing like coffee however. And I don’t drink much coffee at all, but Fika Square I don’t want to miss. 7 different sorts of cookies will be on offer, and I’m hoping some pastries too. Today I started thinking about dammsugare (hoover in Swedish), which is a common café treat, and now I can’t get it out of my head.

I had a similar craving in Spain once regarding smoked sausage with cognac taste (I know it sounds heinous but trust me, it’s addictive) and my grandma and I went on a mission to get it. After three days of talking about sausages we went to the Swedish shop half an hour’s drive away and lo and behold, what happened when we got there? The shop was closed. For the summer.

Now, I won’t go as mad if I can’t find dammsugare tomorrow, but I might have to eat more cookies if that’s the case.

The free event is open between 12.30-2.3pm and if the rain’s not pouring down, I’ll be there, being served fika by women in traditional Swedish dress.


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