In celebration of the asparagus season

Last week I was invited to the Crowne Plaza in Blackfriars to celebrate the new asparagus menu at Refettorio. Celebrate means eating and drinking copious amount of food and beverage, and that’s one hooray I like.

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Cassis Bistro

I had the pleasure of dining in South Kensington central with the editor of Arbuturian recently. This lead to another restaurant review, which was published in the online magazine last week. These were my thoughts on the petit Provencal.

“The lavender plants are so cute!” I squeaked with joy as I sat down at our table in the middle of Cassis’ chic interior. I looked around with big eyes and squeaked again when a waft of hay reached my nose. Just like being in Provence, I mused.

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A broken heart

I came home one day to find my treasured tea strainer broken. It has definitely stood the test of time, as I think it celebrated its 9th birthday over Christmas. You legened tea strainer, you.

I got it for Christmas from my dear friend Klara, who always got me nifty gifts. This one I remember particularly as we had a spending limit of about 50:-, which comes to about £5. I don’t remember what junk I managed to get her. Probably a pen. Continue reading

Post number 100

How do you celebrate a food blog with your 100th post? Crack up the champagne? Bake bread? Make macaroons?

I have always been a fan of walking down memory lane. Getting nostalgic, reminiscing and remember the good times. So, here are some good food times I’ve had – a nice potpourri of gastronomy.

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