Post number 100

How do you celebrate a food blog with your 100th post? Crack up the champagne? Bake bread? Make macaroons?

I have always been a fan of walking down memory lane. Getting nostalgic, reminiscing and remember the good times. So, here are some good food times I’ve had – a nice potpourri of gastronomy.

Cheese from the local food market in Grenoble, from my January visit.

My mother sent this very old pic to me a while ago, along with a photo of herself and I. We were both appalled how awful we looked. My hair was brown, I looked pudgy and she looked sweaty. This photo is much nicer, it’s Spanish delicacies we enjoyed over New Year 2003 in Benalmadena Pueblo.

My first time ever making crackerbread, a typically Swedish kind of bread, in Jane Mason’s kitchen in London.

When we tried Polish honey vodka at work I was in great spirits.

When I go travelling, I always need to take food photos. This is from Rome in 2007.

Moti Mahal serves this specialty with chickpeas, fried pastry bits and yoghurt and I adore it.

I had a go making carrot bread and it turned out ok. It looked prettier than it tasted.

It’s always a treat going to Patridge’s Food Market on the King’s Road. I wouldn’t buy cupcakes, but this explosion of colours is still a feast.

This is from my latest trip to Madrid. I love Mexican food and these salsas from the San Miguel market were fantastically punchy.

I finish off with what I normally start my day with – yoghurt. In Italy they’re not exactly yoghurt experts, but I just loved the little glass jar.

So, post 100 completed. How on earth have I managed to talk so much about food…


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