Norse by Norsewest

In the long wait to retrieve my camera’s USB cable (thank you very much Sony for making a special USB-cable that makes all other USB cables useless), I’ve decided to highlight a very intriguing looking event which is happening next week in Londontown.

Uh-uh, it’s that time when she gets patriotic again.

Ta-dah: Scandinavian Tapas Night at The Disappearing Dining Club.

First of all, the name, don’t you love it? Norse by Norsewest. Chefs Christian Sanderfeldt and Fredrik Bolin will serve a smörgåsbord of Swedish style tapas including elk sausage roll with juniper berries, potted reindeer, oysters and pickled cucumber and steak and beetroot tartare, plus of course the honourable gravadlax with creme fraiche and smoked cod roe.

Christian Sanderfeldt use to head up the now closed down fish restaurant Deep in Imperial Wharf, so his seafood credentials should be solid.

The food is matched with wine, beer and homemade aquavit (a reason to visit right there) and if the party continues Sweden-style, dinner guests are bound to get merry. Looking at the picture gallery from prior events, Norse by Norsewest will sure enough be buzzing.

More info here.


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