Miss Rosie and I have a travel thing going on. Last year we went to Moscow, this year Istanbul and next year, we want to do Tel Aviv. No one really wants to go with us to these exotic places. Maybe they are exotic but not exotic enough? Or maybe it’s us? In any case, we end up going on our own and the results thus far, have been very positive. Moscow we loved (apart from the taxi situation) Istanbul we loved too (definitely because of the taxi situation).

I’m not really sure if I found anything negative about Istanbul. I’m thinking hard here. Fair enough, some of the vendors were a tad pushy, but you had to give it to them – at least they were talented nation spotters (apparently I have Swedish written across my forehead). And they also knew how to say hot chicks in Swedish. What a gift.

I’m a great fan of lists and it’s been a while since I compiled one. So without further ado, here are my top likes about Istanbul.

1. Turkish breakfast

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The Ibiza weekend

Since I’ve been together with the Italian (nearly 3 years now), we’ve been going to Ibiza every season. He loves Deep House and I love the sun. He probably loves Deep House more than I love the sun and that says a lot. While I do like the clubs, I just love the vibe of the island. Everyone’s just so happy and it really rubs off on you the moment you land at the ariport. For the record, the airport is a pleasant experience in itself as it too is so relaxed.

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Daim and chocolate muffins

Certain flavours conjure up different memories. I suppose it’s the ‘Madeleine effect’, which has the possibility of transporting you five years, ten years or even further back in time, unearthing a fond memory. I can’t say that daim does that to me. But, as I was chopping a few daim bars for my muffins yesterday, I suddenly thought about daim flavoured McFlurry.

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