The Ibiza weekend

Since I’ve been together with the Italian (nearly 3 years now), we’ve been going to Ibiza every season. He loves Deep House and I love the sun. He probably loves Deep House more than I love the sun and that says a lot. While I do like the clubs, I just love the vibe of the island. Everyone’s just so happy and it really rubs off on you the moment you land at the ariport. For the record, the airport is a pleasant experience in itself as it too is so relaxed.

Amante Beach Club

I’m not sure the weekend was terribly relaxing. It was the Italian’s and his best friend’s birthday weekend and so of course we had to tick off some clubs, beach places and activities (including an 11am morning club visit!). Yes, we did Blue Marlin, but we also did Lio, a cabaret club in the marina, which might be my favourite venue ever. That I was pulled up on stage to perform a banana dance was quite unfortunate for the audience who had paid good dollars to see real artists perform , but overall we boogied all night long and finished the night at the very grotty DC10.

Es Vedra

I missed out again going to Formentera, but I’m determined to get a sneak peek of the Maldive-like waters next year. Until then, adios Ibiza and see you next season!

The photos below are from Amante Beach Club, our villa and the magnificent Es Vedra. The first photo is from the villa we were lucky to stay at for our first night. The sunset is simply amazing and I felt very humble to be there.

Ibizan villa

Burrata and tomato salad


Our villa

Es Vedra


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