Lunch on The Green

Occasionally when I decide it’s time to exercise, I walk home from work. It’s a nice 45 minute walk and I walk past great restaurants and shops I vow to revisit. As such, I walked passed Markham Inn on Chelsea Green one day. I had also read about it in an Italian magazine and figured that if they talk about it in Milan, it must be good enough. N.B. I don’t actually speak Italian, so the Italian had to translate as I mostly understood ‘brunch’ and ‘Markham Inn’.

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Lunch at ours

Sunday morning I got up and made carrot cake. I have tons of cookbooks at home, but they’re merely there as an ornament, I rarely use them. Seeing as the family was coming over for lunch I wanted to make something else than the tried and tested spongecake for dessert. Carrot cake is fairly failproof, so I turned to Anna Bergenström and her Anna’s Kakbok (Anna’s cake book).

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