Happy Easter!

I’ve made it home to K-town for the weekend and it’s marvellous. Marvellous in a sense that I can eat as much candy as I want, see as few people as possible and experience spring all over again.

Easter is all about feathers, eggs, witches and daffodils. In case you didn’t know, in Sweden it was thought that all witches flew to a specific place to congregate (i.e. party) the Thursday before Easter. Hence, they lit fires and set off firefworks to scare these frightful women during their flight on broomsticks. To this day, lighting fireworks is still common place. Although, I suspect there are fewer witches around…

We caught the annual witch parade on the main square, where hundreds of kids had dressed up as witches. Boy or girl, they sported freckles (apparently witches do), aprons and head scarves.

As is tradition, kids dress up as witches and draw Easter letters, which they give to neighbours in exchange for some candy. Can you imagine how much candy you eat in a weekend! Candy coma is a state you learn early on.


I never really liked dressing up when I was a kid, and to this day I shy away from fancy dress. We have a photo of me at nursery when I was three years old surrounded by all these kids in witch attires. I, and another uptight child, were the only ones in our ordinary clothes. However, as I got older the thought of not getting any candy was too much, and I had my mother sort me out with a witch outfit like everyone else.

A very happy Easter to everyone, this year I’m in charge of the candy bowl!


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