Sweet things are made of these

My colleague Miss C is teaching me the ins and outs of English life and customs and today she introduced me to Easter biscuits. I didn’t get to try them, they were reserved for her ‘boy of the moment’, but I must say they look very appetising.

The contain cinnamon, mixed spice, currants and mixed peel. It sounds very festive and almost Christmassy. As the generous girlfriend she is, she had also made peppermint creams. Now, isn’t this a thoughtful gesture on a Monday? ‘Here you go, happy Monday and let’s kickstart it with a good ol’ sugar rush!’

What do I know about Monday sugar rush? I was stood in the supermarket with the Italian earlier this evening trying to decide what to eat. We had lamb cutlets in the basket and I wanted to buy peas. The Italian is minding his weight at the moment (also called Dukan diet) and looked incredulously at me. ‘Peas? They’re high carb, babe’. Welcome to a modern day relationship.

The lamb was delicious, mostly because the Italian worked his magic in the kitchen. I’m currently banned from using the frying pan as I managed to cook salmon fillets so you could smell it days after. Baking however, is my forte. But we’ll see when I’m allowed to bake Monday treats again.


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