Lunch at ours

Sunday morning I got up and made carrot cake. I have tons of cookbooks at home, but they’re merely there as an ornament, I rarely use them. Seeing as the family was coming over for lunch I wanted to make something else than the tried and tested spongecake for dessert. Carrot cake is fairly failproof, so I turned to Anna Bergenström and her Anna’s Kakbok (Anna’s cake book).

Not only does the cookbook have delicious images, the recipes are easy to follow too. The carrot cake turned out moist and crunchy, with roughly chopped walnut pieces adding texture. I mixed icing sugar with cream cheese and lime juice, and that made the frosting extra tasty.

My mother had some spare skorpor, or biscotti f you will, which were on offer too. I bought this beautiful glass jar for her one Christmas, and I’m happy to see it still makes its way to the table and isn’t locked inside the cabinet.

For mains we had my mother’s super fish soup with salmon, cod, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and prawns. I guess I should’ve mentioned this dish before the dessert! The eager hands belong to my uncle who’s off to China next week. I don’t suppose fish soup made this way is common over there?

Steaming hot. We all helped ourselves twice and my poor cousin, who had been out the night before, nearly fell asleep as we finished the last spoonfuls. I don’t even think the coffee and sugar rush from the carrot cake helped, she passed out in the armchair after lunch.

My mother has had these soup bowls as long as I can remember. Next time when I’m home, which will be in June, I’m hoping to see these bowls filled to the brim with vegetables for ‘Swedish tacos’. Getting hungry already.


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