Peter’s Yard in Edinburgh

After rainy Glasgow I arrived to sunny Edinburgh and found that the cities are as similar as day and night. My friend Carl lived in Edinburgh for four months a  few years ago but I never managed to visit him. I now understand why he boasted of the town so much. Edinburgh castle is majestically looking out over the hills and the cobbled streets, and students rumble around en masse amid cute cafes. It exudes Medieval fabulosity in every cranny and nook.

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Yes, I’ve eaten a deep-fried Mars bar

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was my first time in Scotland and people had told me that I wasn’t going to like Glasgow because it’s dreadful. So my expectations were fairly low as I embarked on the 5-hour long train journey that would take me to drizzle-land. In Glasgow my hair was exposed to some seriously wet conditions and until I left I was stuck with a mildly unflattering hair-sticking-to-my-face look. But there was nothing wrong with the city itself.

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