Yes, I’ve eaten a deep-fried Mars bar

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was my first time in Scotland and people had told me that I wasn’t going to like Glasgow because it’s dreadful. So my expectations were fairly low as I embarked on the 5-hour long train journey that would take me to drizzle-land. In Glasgow my hair was exposed to some seriously wet conditions and until I left I was stuck with a mildly unflattering hair-sticking-to-my-face look. But there was nothing wrong with the city itself.

Fair enough, it won’t win a beauty pageant, but there are plenty of nice shops and there’s a strong art scene. And they have deep-fried Mars bars. I’d heard about this delicacy (?) but thought it was an urban legend. Did Glaswegians really eat fat layered in fat?

Turns out, yes. We went to a local chippie and asked for the notorious Mars bar (we had a tradesman in tow as this was a business trip, and he seemed to know the procedure). It wasn’t on the menu, but the owner happily peeled off the wrapper and dipped the chocolate in batter. It looked revolting.

As we closed in on the frying process people started gathering around. 1) Probably because we were filming. 2) I don’t actually think it’s commonplace that Mars bars are being eaten in this manner.

With the motto “you only live once” echoing in my head, I went for a bite. And another, and another. I had eaten half of it when I decided it was enough. It’s definitely not disgusting, but there’s no point forcing 1000 calories into your body unless you really like it. So there, that was my Mars experience and I don’t regret it one bit.

Some people drink Champagne when they are on business trips, I eat battered chocolate bars.


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