Pasta and Polpetta

Forgive me for the pasta praises of late, it seems I’m unable to shake off any Italian influences. However, as an exercise in joining the best of Italy and Sweden together, the Italian and I made pasta gratin with meatballs on Sunday afternoon.

Pasta is the Italian’s nickname and his nickname for me is Polpetta, as I’m a typical (Swedish) meatball. This dish, you can say, is therefore the perfect meal for us.

It got a bit hectic in the kitchen, I must say. I’d only ever made meatballs once before and they weren’t any good. The Italian phoned up his mamma to ask how to make pasta al forno (pasta in the oven) and I sent a photo to Miss E to ask her whether the texture of the soaked breadcrumbs seemed ok.

Everything came together in the end and the layers of mozzarella, tomato sauce, orecchiette pasta and meatballs worked swimmingly. Next dish to conquer?  It’ll have to be something Scando-Mediterranean again. For democracy’s sake.


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