Sicily part III: Leave the gun, take the cannolis

If you’ve haven’t watched The Godfather you won’t understand the title to this blog post, but I think it makes a good statement, wouldn’t you rather eat than fight? Now, Clemenza who utters these words is of course a full-blown mafia dude who’s as innocent as Al Capone, but it’s a good line.

In Sicily they have a penchant for cannolis and they do these cream-filled fried pastries really well. In Palermo, the capital of Sicily, we indulged in this “little ricotta tube” and you really don’t need much to feel absolutely stuffed. We were promised cannoli the size of half my arm, but I’m quite happy I went for one a little longer then my index finger. It was still too much. You can have them at Princi in London if you ever get a cannolo craving.

Throughout our visit, we were more or less stuffed all the time, whether it was eating home baked cookies from nuns (yes, that happened) or going for a third serving at the breakfast buffet (yes, that happened too). Mostly, I think we were stuffed from eating delicious pasta with seafood.

In a moment between eating, we attempted to embrace Sicilian culture and went on a tour of Mazara del Valle with a local guide. Among beautiful churches and monuments we were taken through the kasbah, an extremely poor area in the old town that looked completely dilapidated. That didn’t put off thoughts of hunger either, it just prolonged it.

I’ll bring lots of memories of good food with me back to London and if ever want a taste of Sicily soon again, the Italian brought half a kilo of pasta with him from the airport. He’s such a gem.


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