Peter’s Yard in Edinburgh

After rainy Glasgow I arrived to sunny Edinburgh and found that the cities are as similar as day and night. My friend Carl lived in Edinburgh for four months a  few years ago but I never managed to visit him. I now understand why he boasted of the town so much. Edinburgh castle is majestically looking out over the hills and the cobbled streets, and students rumble around en masse amid cute cafes. It exudes Medieval fabulosity in every cranny and nook.

So why on earth was I eating cardamom buns instead of haggis? Why did I not take in the Scottish food as much as I did the Scottish vistas?

Peter’s Yard got in the way. I’d heard about this Scandinavian cafe a long time ago when I was addicted to Twitter and followed every single food producer (or thereabouts). Peter’s Yard’s crispbread came up and I wanted to try them.

Now when I had time to eat their crispbread I went for toffee cookies (my grandmother was a master at making them), a seed and nut scone and a cardamom bun instead. The selection was so overwhelming that when I ended up at the till I didn’t know what to order. Additionally, I had my colleague in tow who wanted to experience the whole fika experience like a true Swede. Hence the mass order of sweet things rather than savoury.

The lunch selection was very disappointing (crayfish on pizza anyone?) as if it was trying too hard, but for bread and cakes Peter’s Yard must surely be ranked highly among Edinburgh’s other cafes. It was definitely worth skipping a Scottish haggis for.

Luckily, Edinburgh is a darn hilly city and I bet I walked off those calories when exploring the town. Sitting on the train back home to London was a 5 hour blessing for my tired thighs.

The monument for Sir Walter Scott.

Edinburgh Castle.

No wonder J.K. Rowling got inspired to write Harry Potter.

Rub this statue’s toe and you’ll receive luck. The cathedral is in the background.


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