Daim and chocolate muffins

Certain flavours conjure up different memories. I suppose it’s the ‘Madeleine effect’, which has the possibility of transporting you five years, ten years or even further back in time, unearthing a fond memory. I can’t say that daim does that to me. But, as I was chopping a few daim bars for my muffins yesterday, I suddenly thought about daim flavoured McFlurry.

Daim and chocolate muffins

I haven’t been to McDonald’s in years. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I set foot in one of the restaurants, or where it was. But I do remember when McDonald’s opened in my hometown. It must’ve been the early 90’s. It was beyond cool. The little toy in the Happy Meal box was a treat and there was an excitement in the air that this American restaurant, which was so well-known, had opened in our town. How lucky weren’t we?

Chocolate muffins waiting to be glazed

Admittedly, my fascination for McDonald’s waned after it became clear that this wasn’t the only restaurant that would open. Let’s say it wasn’t a ‘unique concept’. Two others followed and then of course, Burger King came too. The Drive-Thru was still a treat however and I whenever I walk past a McDonald’s today, I usually take a few breaths and dream about a juicy McFeast – weirdly enough, this burger only seems to feature on Scandinavian menus.

Daim bar

When I was in my teens, McDonald’s launched McFlurry in Sweden. There were two flavours, daim and smarties. Before going to the cinema we would get our flurry fixes, or on a Saturday, hang around looking cool, slouching on a McDonald’s chair. I remember the taste sensation, yes a sensation it was, and how it seemed like the most ingenious ice cream ever. How many McFlurries I managed to devour I can’t say, but I do know that one day the staff got lazy with the McFlurry machine.

Daim and chocolate muffins

The daim wasn’t mixed with the ice cream, the crumbles just sat there on top of the white fluff, looking  lonely and detached. The debacle continued, it seemed like there was less daim in the mix too! Our relationship quickly came to an end. No one wants to feel cheated, especially not by a multinational company that definitely could afford being generous with the daim crumbs.

Muffins on the balcony

Bearing this very valuable lesson in mind, I made sure I was particularly generous with the daim nuggets when I made muffins yesterday. This is a great recipe from Signe Johansen’s Scandilicious Baking cookbook, which I can highly recommend. The muffins are made with spelt flour and although they have daim and cocoa in them, they’re not too sweet.  I suspect this has something to do with the espresso shots, which are used both in the batter and for the glazing. I might have over-worked the batter, as they felt quite dense, but I’ll have a second go and see how they turn out. Also, I’ll load on the daim, because to be honest – I might have gone all McDonald’s on them. The daim simply wasn’t enough.


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