The way we were

Rose honoured us with a visit this weekend and we had a grand old time, just like we used to when she lived in London. Now she’s moved to bigger and better things in New York, where she leads a healthy vegan life.

But it only took her 12 hours in London to ingest a crayfish sandwich, such is the power of the Harrods Food Hall. The power of Daphne’s was also mighty, where some scallops and Dorset crab snuck through the vegan barrier.

Apple cake with an incidental meringue crust

That Saturday night dinner was grand for everyone. Wild boar ragu, spaghetti alle vongole (a tad too salty however), bruschetta with truffled duck egg and wild mushrooms and jerusalem artichoke soup made everyone merry. Yes, we did have to wait for fifteen minutes while the staff ran around in a very disorganised manner before we were seated, but all was forgiven by the time we left. From hereon I’ll always ask for the table by the fireplace.

Ready for the oven

It’s a pity Rose has left the capital, but then again, whenever she is back it’s a legitimate opportunity to reminisce. And reminisce we do. Not only of the days when we still thought it was a must to go out clubbing Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – but we also discuss our childhood. Miss E, Rose and myself grew up in the same county and therefore we were swept away by the same rip-off fads (to a lesser extent Miss E, who was already sophisticated back then).

Fads included collecting ice hockey trading cards, pogs, tamagotchis, plastic mini pacifiers, anything neon and yo-yos. Not to mention Savann trousers, which you had to wear if you were anybody. We all know who Wayne Gretzky is because of those six months when all we ever wanted was to get the Gretzky ice hockey card – you see, if you got the biggest ice hockey hero your life was sorted. You would get millions if you sold that card. That’s at least what my cousin told me.

Apple and cinnamon cake

Since we no longer go out on Thursdays, Fridays and Satursdays, there’s undeniably more time to talk about how life used to be so much better. But, due to geographical boundaries such sessions don’t happen that often anymore; and that’s probably a good thing, nostalgia can easily turn into bitterness. Geographical boundaries are probably an asset for Rose’s vegan lifestyle too.

Todays photos are from an attempt to make an ok-ish apple cake.


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