Oh! What a brunch

In the midst of all my holiday memories from Sweden I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t shared my best brunch moment of the year. In fact, I’ve been a bit slow in general sharing the good food life I had in Moscow. I was meant to make lists and everything, and you should know how much I enjoy making lists.

Things got in the way however, but it’s not too late to talk about brunch. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so the more I can eat, the happier I get. And the more I can say that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, the happier I get too.

At Uilliams, I could eat everything. Pancakes filled with cream cheese and wild strawberry jam, the fluffiest omelette mankind has seen (or at least that I have seen) and a bag of bread. Yes, the freshly baked bread came in a brown paper bag, we ate it all then and there.

Rosie and I had had quite an intense night and needed to refuel. The hotel, conveniently located and nice as it was, couldn’t offer us much in terms of breakfast. Luckily, my friend E who has lived in Moscow and knew all the best places, told us to go to Uilliams.

Right by the Patriarch’s Pond we found this gem, with windows and doors opened so we could eat al fresco. You don’t appreciate eating out al fresco until you’ve experienced rain every day for 2 months. I was waxing lyrical.

Rosie, spontantenous as she is, hinted that she wanted to secure a flat in the neighbourhood, just so she could come back for the pancakes. And the soya cappucino. I was sold when I saw the loo with pine tree wallpaper. Yes, I can be that easy.

I wanted to buy a t-hirt from Uilliam’s, so I could have something to brag about at home. “Yes, Uilliam’s, haven’t you been? It’s marvellous“. I think it was £40 and suddenly it didn’t feel that special. However, by the time Rosie and I left Moscow we still hadn’t figured out the exchange rate. Just as well, judging by everything else in Moscow, the t-shirt was nowhere near pleasant communism rates.


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