There’s no place like home

When I arrive back home to K-town I demand two things: sunshine and food. The latter is very easy to dig out, the former seems to be quite a challenge. For 3 years in a row I’ve been unlucky with the weather and seeing as spring has been a complete disaster in London, I needed some sun rays this time. My poor mum really has to put up with a lot when the sun diva arrives.

Admittedly, it could’ve been warmer but at least I stayed away from the showers that poured down over the Queen et al. during the Jubilee. I’m never very active when I go home, but I do want to be outdoors. That’s sort of the point with Sweden, isn’t it? Sitting on Grandpa’s balcony to take in the blue skies is a must. Ideally, blueberry or mushroom picking should also be on the agenda, but that of course depends on the season. June is much too early for such activities.

Instead, I baked a lot, I did some shopping and I went to a zumba class. I nearly choked when I saw ladies in their 30s and 40s shake it to reggaeton, my mum included, but by the end of the session I was one of them. Always a step behind due to bad coordination, but still shaking and shimmying.

Another highlight was seeing my extended family for dinner. My uncle had got back from a business trip to China and had some unusual anecdotes. Being tall, white and having a slightly big nose apparently makes you a superstar in the multi-million city he visited. Ray has probably never been so sought after or photographed. It’s reassuring to know that other continents may appreciate your style more than the one you inhabit.

The best meal of the trip was Swedish crayfish. Grandpa had fetched them last year from my grandma’s cousins who farm them. They have an annual crayfish party every year, and I wish it’s a tradition I’ll eventually adopt too. Swedish crayfish parties can be wild! Grandpa, mum and me had a real seafood feast (not so wild) with Norwegian king crab and crab claws and I couldn’t have had a better farewell dinner. Regardless if it’s hot or not in Sweden, June is the best time to go. You know why? Because nothing can ever replace the magic light and long nights you experience just before Midsummer. That’s why rain should never come in the way.

Other highlights of my trip:

Cheese infused with nettle

Making candy cookies

Baking ‘Slow Joe’ bread in a clay pot – recipe something like this

Spending time with mum


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