Finnish bakery = Nordic Bakery?

On Saturday I uncovered a great, big secret. Nordic Bakery on Golden Square is not so much Nordic as it is Finnish. In other words, it’s an undercover Finnish bakery. How do I know? Well, I don’t really. But with Finnish cinnamon buns, salmiakki (Finnish liquorice) and pirogi (Karelian pie) at the forefront of the bakery’s selection, it seemed Suomi played a huge part in shaping the cafe’s identity. The space is also decorated in a conspicuous sauna style, with wood panels adorning the walls.

As with many other Scandi-Nordic places, it worships at the minimalist altar. Finnish designers Alvar Aalto and Ilmari Tapiovaara are represented in furniture and tableware.

Miss E and I enjoyed very nice dark rye bread with ham and cheese for me, and smoked salmon for her. Her latte was very good and my cappuccino tasted of water. I’ve heard that the coffee is supposed to be of very high quality (one coffee lover said it was the best around and had ventured out from Mayfair to Soho to order it), so I will have to go again and make a fair judgement.

The cakes, which we didn’t try, looked nice and calorific with blueberry buns (not the ones I make), Tosca cake and oatmeal cookies leading the way. There was nothing however I would develop an unstoppable craving for.

Served only on Saturdays and Sundays, the oven pancake with blueberry jam would be my treat for next time.

Nordic Bakery is a great portal to the flavours of the countries up north, especially Finland – I just wish they would branch out with a wider selection of treats and lunch bites. Only then would I seriously lust after the familiar tastes from home.

The photos from this post is from the Mostly Images blog. Beautiful, aren’t they? Check the blog out, it’s a good ‘un.


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