Popcorn cupcakes

I’ve been told that Hummingbird Bakery makes London’s finest cupcakes. Now, I’m not a huge cupcake fan. I mean, yes, in theory I do like the buttercream frosting and the OTT colours, but I don’t actually fancy buying one. Today however, I had to.

What a terrible life she lives, you must think. She had to eat cupcakes? Indeed. It was the Italian’s birthday today and while I had planned to make a grand lemon cake, he wanted cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery. That’s right, my man knows what he wants and it definitely involves red velvet cupcakes.

So I had to admit that I not-so-reluctantly went to the South Kensington branch over lunch and bought one red velvet cupcake and one daily special: popcorn cupcake. I thought of my popcorn crazy mother as I saw this wonderful combination make its way in to the take away box. Adorned with three toffee-covered popcorns on top, I knew it would never taste as good as it looked.

And of course it didn’t, but it was a mighty fine cupcake nonetheless. With a sponge cake so light you can easily swallow it in whole, I have to agree that Hummingbird Bakery has an excellent non-dry recipe. As we finished the Italian’s birthday dinner (oven baked chicken with potatoes, artichokes and olives in case you’re wondering), the cupcakes were, excuse the pun, the icing on the cake.

The South Kensington branch might be a tad small to sit in, so I would advice to take away somewhere less “yummy mummy”. Whenever someone forces me to go again (woe me), I’m trying the cherry cola float cupcake. Who said I would have to stick to the traditional styles?


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