A technophobe’s Christmas

We’re storming through January and I haven’t even begun to share my Christmas anecdotes yet. It was lovely, of course, as it always is when I go home. A relaxed week of board games, mulled wine, snow and chocolate can put a smile to most people’s uptight faces. You forget about tube suspensions and drafty windows.

photo (6)

As I missed out on a Christmas tree in London, my mother realised that she would have to get the real deal for my return. Without fail she always comes up with an excuse not to have one. Her argument often circles around having to hoover needles ad infinitum. I bulldoze over such anti-Yuletide opinions. Conveniently for my mother, we were away last year and all we had was a straw goat in a corner (if you’re Swedish this sounds much less kooky). I wasn’t going to let this 2012 tree slip away.

Christmas baubles

I’m a woman of traditions, especially at Christmas. I want the house to smell the same every year (of fresh spruce), I want the chocolate box to be out (even though I don’t eat much of it), I want the Betlehem star to shine in my window (same design since the 80’s) and I definitely want to drink the same brand of mulled wine we’ve always drunk. I think I drive my forward-thinking mother mad.


I’m also quite traditional when it comes to techonology. I have an iPod, but I rarely use it. I also have an iPad with so few apps my flatmate just laughs at me. I have to add that neither of these Apple products, I have bought myself. I’m not gadget girl, it just doesn’t interest me. But as I was decorating the Christmas tree I did download an interesting app to my iPhone (again, given to me) – Instagram.

I know I’m lightyears behind everyone else, but I don’t desire to share my life with the entire world on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. I’m not that interesting. Besides, I’ve got a blog for that purpose! Instagram is  great however, do you know why? It makes anyone and anything look good.

Chocolate santa

Even The Italian in his briefs, carrying some holiday weight looked like a 70’s model. Sort of. The picture has since been deleted and can unfortunately not be shared here. The point is that it’s so genius that even a cup of coffee can look photogenic. Most importantly however, it captures that nostalgic look I love so much.

So back to my Christmas. I genuinely can’t wait for next year. To see my friends (and now my friends’ babies!), spend time with my family I see so rarely and eat all sorts of sweet and sickly treats, really is unbeatable. This year, however, I’m stepping it up a notch. My December preparations in London were quite tame, so to rectify this I’m going out tomorrow to see what decorations on sale I can get my hands on. Bring on yuletide 2013, I say. And as for a real Christmas tree, my mother knows the answer for that one already: that we don’t ever have to worry what it looks like. Instagram will package it up nicely for us. The needles, however, well, that’s a different story.


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