Homemade granola

Let’s talk geekiness. It’s geeky to take photos of your food before digging in. It’s even geekier to take 50 photos of your food with your DSLR before digging in. Yet, this is what I occasionally do. The prettiness, the colours, the tastiness mustn’t go amiss. Yet I wonder, what will I think of the photos I take today, say, in 40 years time?

Homemade granola

I think I will curse and ask my younger self: why didn’t you take any photos of life around you? I know what a peach looks like, but what did the world look like? Why can’t I find any decent photos of myself in my late twenties? 

Healthy breakfast

Well, I choose to document food. It’s more photogenic. Today, I had a very photogenic breakfast, for instance. And it had to be captured. Maybe in 40 years time I will have fried crickets for breakfast and how handy wouldn’t it then be to see a bowl of yogurt as a reminder of a wholesome 2103 morning moment?

Yogurt with granola and peaches

I made my own granola last night. I used spelt flakes, chopped walnuts, dried apricot, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut, honey and freshly squeezed orange juice.  I mixed the ingredients together and put the batch on a tray in the oven to bake for roughly 15 minutes. Oh. so. good. Fair enough, part of the granola got slightly burnt and next time I will have to lower the temperature, but this is tasty stuff. The pumpkin seeds even taste a bit like popcorn, which is not a bad thing at all to be having at nine o clock in the morning.

I geeked around and took some photos before I tucked in. I didn’t bother taking any photos of the Italian’s breakfast, however, who enjoyed pale chicken sausages and two eggs. That’s the opposite of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, in terms of food photogenicness. The green juice in the background is a mix of celery, cucumber, spinach, apple and lime. I found it at Whole Foods and prided myself for being so Gwyneth Paltrow-healthy when I paid for it at the till.

Green juice

I finished off my geeky morning by watching The Hobbit. It reminded me of when the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out and I queued for 1 day and 1 night to get tickets. Yes, you read right. I queued with my friends for almost an entire weekend to enjoy seeing Aragorn and Legolas before anyone else in town. Oh, if I only could add that to my CV. Skills: perseverance when queueing.

Soya yogurt with granola

The experience was fun though, the local press came (this was pre-Apple you have to remember, and queues were less of a common sight back then) and I wasted a whole day in a sleeping bag (it was December, mind you). What more can you ask for as a 17 year old?

The geekiness ends here today, however. No more photos, no more fantasy films – only straight faced Saturday activities from now on. I’ll start my endeavours with a shower.


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