Jazz it up with blueberry buns

I baked all Sunday long. Bread and buns. I woke up with a terrible headache (this might have been due to some Saturday night activities), but still managed to stick to my tight baking schedule.

My former client, Virtuous Bread and Jane Mason, posted a bread video tutorial the other week on the VB website and I wanted to see how helpful it really was. Turns out, very. Have a look here, it’s so much better than following a dull cookbook recipe.

My wholemeal loaf came out perfect and I enjoyed it with a couple of slices of Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese all afternoon. In fact, I had an egg sandwich for lunch (this is a Sunday food staple in my house), so I had an awful lot of bread intake.

I also prepared for Midsummer’s Eve, which is one of the most important celebrations in the Swedish calendar. Every year expat Swedes congregate in Hyde Park to dance around the May pole, sing songs and eat good picnic food. Miss E and I have planning our menu for a long time and I think it’s a vast improvement from last year.

These blueberry buns are drawn from a cinnamon bun recipe, and will hopefully please everyone who sits on our picnic blanket on Saturday. Last time I made buns they came out quite dry, but today I tried a new recipe, which included eggs, and this made the dough almost silky smooth (after kneading it a very long time!). The blueberries help to moisten the bread too and have such a summery flavour.

I would be keen to try other fillings in the future too. Wild strawberries (if I could find them) would be fantastic, and raspberries would probably work as well. These blueberry babies however, don’t need any tweaking. If they manage to last until Saturday, I’m happy as a hippo.


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