On the road

I’m sitting on a train to Penzance trying to amuse myself. This is a 5 ½ hour journey so I have plenty of time to kill. Especially since we’ve only covered half of it.

I’m off to a foraging class with Fat Hen cookery school and I’m terribly excited about it. Every year I normally go mushroom picking with my mother, but since I haven’t been home in August for two years now, I’ve had no tasty girolles. Not that I’ll have a taste of this delicacy now either, but I’m hoping for some other edible treats the Cornish landscape can offer. What those are I’ll have to share in another post. I’m guessing blueberries are not on the list.

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to an incredibly chatty woman who talked non-stop from London Paddington to some obscure town in Devon I don’t remember the name of. It’s intriguing how public transport can turn into pretty much a prison, there’s no escape. The man to my right who’s indulging in a salami sandwich sure is enjoying his mid-afternoon snack, but I’m certainly not. The woman with the “funny” ringtone has become a persona non grata. I, on the other hand, behave perfectly of course.

I wonder whom I’ve annoyed so far with my nail filing?

It’s rather pleasant to be on a train. Much nicer than hanging in the air, waiting for a potential crash. My mother and I went on a train trip a couple of years ago and it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever experienced. It was a tour through Eastern Europe and when we weren’t stuck on a train taking in the vistas, we explored Prague, Budapest and Vienna the best we could. I still remember the terrible blisters I got from the heavy sightseeing.

Another intriguing observation is how train carriages differ in each country. I’ve cursed a lot over Sweden’s national train service, but actually, compared to the train I’m on now, those train seats are much more kind on the behind.

As we’ve only reached Plymouth I’m sure I’ll have plenty more observations to note down. However now I’m going to turn my attention to Fat Hen and what I can expect for tomorrow. It looks quite promising judging from the photos above.

Photos copyright Fat Hen.


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