I’m sitting in the flat and it’s quite warm. 28 degrees to be exact. This amazing heatwave that has hit London should, according to me, stay forever. But it doesn’t need to get much warmer now. Then it will turn into unbearable Mediterranean temperatures. Last year, I remember visiting Puglia and it was near impossible to sit in the sun. The amount of sweat that came out of my body, didn’t exactly make me look like a fresh Sophia Loren. And you always want to look like a fresh Sophia Lauren or a smouldering Monica Bellucci when you’re in Italy. However, London has still to reach the forties, which is quite a relief. I dare not think about the funky smells that would hit me on the tube every morning if the heat rises. The body odours I have encountered this week are quite enough.


Speaking of Puglia and speaking less of sweat, I have forgotten to post my Easter photos of Alberobello. For sure you have seen or heard about the trulli houses, that make up this picturesque little village. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and a great place to while away an hour or two during an evening stroll.

Trulli houses

When we visited it was Easter and there weren’t that many tourists around, but I guess that during the summer it can get pretty packed. However, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

Trullo house

It’s difficult not to be captivated by the architecture and the fact that people actually live in the houses today. I think most visitors go away thinking that it wouldn’t be too bad to have a trulli house as a summer place, although that UNESCO world heritage label makes it slightly complicated to alter the structures. Which, on the other hand, is a great protection as it allows the structures to stand almost intact for decades and maybe centuries to come.

Alberobello in the evening

We had a browse around, took some photos and then went for a
a fantastic dinner in nearby Ostuni (“The White City”).

Evening stroll in Puglia

La Sommita is a gorgeous boutiqe hotel on top of a hill, but it was virtually impossible to find it. The thigh workout I got was very efficient, however, I nearly wanted to give up and go to the closest hot dog vendor (although there aren’t many of those in Puglia). I think we walked around the old town twice before we finally found our way in to the tasty kitchen (which actually is a very sophisticated restaurant, it has a Michelin star). Although I can’t remember what sort of dishes I ate, I know we were very happy with our choices and the extra amuse-bouches that came along. I loved the design of the hotel too: cool, white, minimalist interiors, with Trani stone ever present. It’s the kind of place I dream of owning one day. My only regret is that I didn’t get to try the pool, which looked very inviting. However, then it was a measly 15 degrees in the air and I guess my body wasn’t actually in need of cooling down. Now, however, with the 28 degrees making me anything but alert, it’s quite a different story…


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