Art for Borgvik’s sake

While the Italian stayed on the sofa watching Formula 1, my mother and I went to explore Spinneriet, an art gallery situated in the most picturesque little village: Borgvik. They have invested quite heavily into making this former industrial area a tourist attraction and it really is an idyllic place, right by the water.



Sliperiet is a 1500 square metre old industrial building, complete with a shop and café. The highlights for me were David LaChapelle’s Negative Currency Project and Kjell Engman’s glass art. An entire floor is dedicated to the mythical glass sculptures, with intricate craftmanship displayed. I’ve visited the Kingdom of Crystal in Southern Sweden and have seen glassblowers create designs then and there, so I know how skilled you have to be to even make a glass droplet. It’s an amazing trade.

David LaChapelle

Kjell Engman glass scultpure

Mythical glass sculptures

Andy Howlden’s bronze scuplture of human bodies were also beautiful, as were Nick Brandt’s wildlife photography. My mum, who is both a fan of elephants and David Bowie, got to see both motifs. The latter was captured in a photograph by rockstar photographer Mats Bäcker, the former in Brandt’s savanna series.

Andy Howlden scupltures

Karl Mårtens

In fact, I wouldn’t mind a colourful painting by Karoline Norlin either. Most art on display is very accessible, thankfully. Introducing wacky installation wouldn’t go down too well with the locals. Although there are a lot of different art works thrown into the mix, it makes it very interesting to wander around. There’s some photography here, some sculptures there and some oil on canvas there. Dare I say, there’s something for everyone? You never have time to get tired.

Camilla West

The exhibition changes every year, so who knows what I’ll encounter next year. Whatever it is, I definitely don’t want to miss it.


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