Spring is my favourite season. The trees are in full bloom and everyone’s in a good mood, hoping that the summer will be the hottest in history (not the wettest). There are also some pretty convenient bank holidays around that allows for some exploration.

Canals in Bruges

They say that you should visit Paris in spring time, but I think Amsterdam and Bruges should be included too. The Italian and I went there for a long weekend and it was wonderful. The Channel Tunnel is A-MAY-ZING. Now, I don’t tend to capitalise words, so you understand how positive I am about this method of transport.

Cute street in Bruges

Our first night was spent in Bruges, in a small boutique hotel called Sans Cravate. Our room was absolutely beautiful with rustic wooden furniture (and beams), juxtaposed with an ultra-modern glass box bathroom. The bathroom was stunning, but posed a rather embarrassing dilemma as the toilet was 2 metres from the bed – exposed. The dilemma? To pee or not too pee in front of the Italian?

The medieval town

Sans Cravate operates a Michelin-starred restaurant in addition to their B&B and if you’re in the neighbourhood, I suggest, no I demand, that you go there. It’s sophisticated flavours in a sophisticated setting, without feeling stuffy (that’s the sans cravate – without the tie bit). Our dinner was exquisite, we opted for the 6-course option and finished off with the cheese board. It was a memorable meal, the owners are clearly passionate about delivering a gourmet experience and they also have an impressive eye for detail. The same goes for the B&B.

Stormy weather

Before we took off to Amsterdam the next morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast together with the three other guests of the hotel. The breakfast was a spectacle too, with eggs from the hotel hens and heavenly bread. For those who love breakfast, you would’ve approved. You know what they say, start your day eating like a king, have lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Well, Bruges was all about being a king full stop, so it was probably good that we moved on.

Medieval glory

Bruges is utterly gorgeous. A picture perfect Medieval town with cobblestones, canals and turrets (I don’t actually remember any turrets, but it feels like they might’ve been present). In any case, it has the air of a once important trade town, with a glorious past (fortunately not wiped out by Brutalist buildings). I loved it. The Italian loved the Marcolini chocolate. We’re different like that. I love that too.

Letter box

Next up, another love story, Amsterdam.


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