Carrot cake

It’s been far too long since I paid WordPress any attention. Things have been quite full on since January, which is when I found out that I had a new job! So fast forward a month or two and I here I am, a brand new employee, getting to grips with a new company. I can tell you it’s quite exciting and my head is spinning from 4 weeks of onboarding. Not to mention using a Mac (I don’t care what people say, they are not intuitive).

Carrot cake

Every morning I walk across Blackfriars Bridge, which might be a chore when the rain and wind threaten to send you right down the Thames, but so far Thor has been merciful and has not sent lightning my way. The views are actually breathtaking (if you disregard the commuters). When I leave work, I see the sun set, turning the sky pale pink and the London landmarks lit up. It’s beyond poetic. I might write a haiku about it on the tube if I sense boredom creeping up on me.

Carrot cake from above

I was privileged to get a week off before I started my new job and so I flew off to Sweden for an amazing stay with the family. My mother was renovating our bathroom, so my stay turned into a nomadic journey, as I stayed half the time with grandpa and the other half with my uncle. I also managed to squeeze in one night in Gothenburg and one night in Stockholm. In theory, this sounds like a right hassle, but to be honest, it was exactly what I needed. The week was filled with taco dinners (as a true Swede, they are essential), baking and mooching about. The sun didn’t come out once, but it didn’t matter. I was curled up most of the time with my Murakami book and was perfectly happy not to do anything.

Espresso mugs from Höganäs

When leaving K-town I realised I had lost my passport (again – I had an incident two years ago too, which was quite underwhelming) and so the trip to Stockholm had a bit of an edge to it, as I knew I had an emergency passport discussion to look forward to once I reached the airport. If you thought that would’ve killed off any shopping desires you’re wrong.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

You can always rely on Stockholm to deliver, especially when it comes to interior design. I made my first (but certainly not last) visit to Svenskt Tenn and it was (said with an American twang) awesome. MOOD, a shopping centre had some highlights too, especially Rodebjer, Posh Living and Leila Linderholms baking store – Leila is basically the Nigella of Sweden, but less scandalous. The Danish department store, Illums Bolighus made me want to splash all of my cash (although since I have none, this made it complicated), or make my first foray into shoplifting. You’ll be relieved to find out I came out empty handed.

Ready for fika

You might wonder why you’re looking at juicy carrot cake images, instead of juicy Sweden pics. It’s very easy, I didn’t bring my camera with me and my iPhone camera is so old it will develop arthritis any minute now. So, instead I’m sharing an excellent carrot cake (recipe is from the aforementioned Swedish Nigella, Leila), which I prepared for yesterday’s dinner with Miss E.

Coffee candy from Costa Rica

I wish I could say I’m going back to Sweden soon, because I always feel energised and inspired after my stay. There’s nothing quite like seeing friends and family whom I don’t have the luxury to see every week or weekend. However, I won’t be returning any time soon as the Italian and I have decided to be frugal and stay put in London this Easter.

If I’m overcome with homesickness, I’ll combat it with some intense baking and if I need to remind myself of my cosy March visit, I can always turn to my trusted, but ancient iPhone. Tomorrow I’ll be walking across Blackfriars Bridge and I can already feeling a baking themed haiku coming over me…


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