Brown butter snickerdoodles

The fireworks are exploding outside the flat for premature Guy Fawkes’ celebrations and here I am, sitting all alone.

Book tips

Miss E, who’s travelled across the globe to LA and Sydney recently, is now in Sweden for a week. The Italian is on his third week in Bali, learning how to surf. As you do. And I, well, I’m just waiting for my mother to arrive in a few days’ time.


Everybody’s travelling these days. And that’s not just me complaining because I’m sat in the flat all by myself. It’s a fact. If I take a quick look at my Facebook feed, I’ll see people currently in Ecuador, India, Thailand, New York and Moscow. When did people become such jetsetters? I remember I used to be over the moon for a one week holiday on Costa del Sol when I was a kid. I’d still be over the moon to go. Or at least more than a little “yay” excited.

Now, Costa del Sol is so 90s, Cambodia, on the other hand, is cheap, cheerful and cultural. I’m exhausted by other people’s long haul travels and I’m also exhausted by my own trips – because as you can see, I’ve done a fair bit of travelling this autumn!

So, instead of exploring the Taj Mahal today, I was quite happy to spend most of my day on the sofa. In fact, although I’m abandoned, I’ve had one of the best weekends in a very long time – doing very little at all.

Snickerdoodle nearly gone gone gone

And I think these snickerdoodle cookies contributed to my happiness. I found the recipe from this marvellous baking blog (please do not miss the Grumpy Cat cupcakes), and the cookies came to absolute perfection: all cinnamoney, chewy and crunchy from the sugar sprinkles. Unlike other blog recipes I’ve tried recently, this is a keeper and the browned butter really adds a lovely caramel flavour to it. They’re so moreish.


So I might exaggerate when I say I’ve been abandoned. I had a great dim sum dinner with good old AM on Friday, delicious coffee with Em and a vegan wrap after that on Saturday; and moose meatballs with Miss E last night. In fact, I’ve been surrounded by friends! Come to think of it, I also met up with the Lovely Laura on Thursday for a sneaky drink at the new Ace Hotel, which was a catch-up long overdue. The snickerdoodles might in fact just have been the icing on the cake.

Mr. Penumbras 24 hour bookstore

Now, in my loneliness, I will investigate how very impossible it is to capture baking scents and release it via blogs (I’m guessing this is fairly high tech material), because these snickerdoodles really look dull in photos, but smell divine. I will also start planning for my next holiday, as I have a bit of a confession to make. Soon, I’ll be appearing in your Facebook feed, with a very exotic travel update too…

I know, I’m such a travel hypocrite.


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